About Us

About Us


PURIFACES, our main concern is to support skin’s self-ability to protect and maintain as well as not being damaged by external and itself. In this era, we easily get busy, nervous, constant change of living and eating habits and thus causing our skin change into unstable state, this we called sensitive and weak skin. At this moment, our skin texture will slowly be leaving traces in the terms of skin dermis losing its support, skin system becoming malfunction and declining its maintenance ability. That is how skin problems like sensitivity, pimples, dark spots, aging appear.

Our products’ main purpose is to reactivate skin cell in the ways of allowing skin to have its self-repair and grow ability at an appropriate amount of time as well as enhancing its circulation and metabolic system. As a result, skin will be gradually restored and stayed glowing and bright.

Pu () – Support (扶持) – Support the skin’s ability to protect and maintain

Ri () – Bright (亮丽) – Let the skin shine and Bright

Faces () – Extraordinary (非一般) – Extraordinary education and service

Our Core Values:

  1. Creative Specialized Skin Improvement Solutions
  2. High-Quality, Effective Value-Added Products and Trusted by Customers
  3. Professional Coaching, Training and Servicing