When the whole world doesn’t understand your skin problems
and how they have caused to you…

We know!

Maybe you are despair to give up solving all these…
No matter it is the problem related to Acne, Sensitive Skin, Redness and Pain, Skin Peeling, Skin Aging and so on. We have solutions for you…

Get a beautiful skin by adjusting water-oil balance, PH balance, improving skin absorption ability and skin self-repair system.


At PURIFACES, it is our mission to assist customers with skin problems by giving professional skin care knowledge and closely following up with your skin conditions.

We are always here to offer professional skin care knowledge and you can contact us for any skin related questions.

Our Philosophy

PURIFACES, our main concern is to support skin’s self-ability to protect and maintain as well as not being damaged by external and itself.

Pu () – Support (扶持) – Support the skin’s ability to protect and maintain

Ri () – Bright (亮丽) – Let the skin shine and Bright

Faces () – Extraordinary (非一般) – Extraordinary education and service

Product Information